Anthony Scaramucci’s SkyBridge Capital is considering investing in Bitcoin

Anthony Scaramucci’s firm, SkyBridge Capital, is seriously considering investing in Bitcoin. Find out all the details about it.

Anthony Scaramucci, who served in the White House for 10 days before being fired, has previously expressed an interest in cryptomonies, especially in Bitcoin. However, his firm, SkyBridge Capital said it „may seek exposure to digital assets.

Scaramucci, also known as „El Mooch,“ said in a past interview that he believes „digital assets have a future and obviously blockchain has a future. In that sense, it is not surprising that SkyBridge Capital said in a press release last week that it can invest in digital assets.

What exactly did SkyBridge Capital say?

In a press release issued last week, SkyBridge Capital stated that it „may seek exposure to digital assets. It noted that by „digital assets,“ the company was referring to 1k Daily Profit review, but was not limited to this cryptomone currency.

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„The Company’s and/or the Investment Funds‘ investments may also be made in companies that provide digital asset-related or other emerging technologies. „The Company may invest in mutual funds that provide access to a particular digital asset or assets without a discretionary investment strategy,“ the Company added.

According to Reuters, the company founded by Scaramucci manages assets worth $7.7 billion. At one point, Scaramucci added that the millennials are the current driving force in the adoption of cryptomoney.

BTC status at this time

For now, market analysts believe that part of the reason the price of Bitcoin has soared lately is due to high-profile figures and companies expressing their support for the asset and other digital currencies. One of these would be SkyBridge Capital.

As of this writing, Bitcoin is worth $17,657 according to our Crypto Online tool. This represents an increase of 5.15% in the last 24 hours.

Therefore, it’s understandable that companies are starting to test in one way or another the benefits offered by the world of crypto and blockchain in general. However, you’re not always willing to expose yourself to the volatility that Bitcoin has. That’s why with each announcement like the one made by Scaramucci’s company, so much commotion is generated.