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Prehistoric Settlement in Wola Radziszowska  

Education and cultural base

These pages contain a brief summary of the most important information on the reconstruction of the prehistoric settlement and the activity
of the Dziejba Association.


The basic assumption of the „Settlement” project is a reconstruction
- as a large research of experimental archaeology - of an open settlement from the Bronze Age, located in a place that currently shows conditions of prehistoric colonization and built using accurate copies of tools from those times. Every activity following this direction is a sum of studies of an archaeological and technical literature, discussions with scientists from the Jagiellonian University’s Institute Of Archaeology, results of earlier Dziejba Association’s activities and also a grand care about the smallest details of reconstruction, which makes this settlement unparalleled realistic.
All the work made at building the Settlement using such tools as bronze axes, cusps with flint blades, little flint saws, peckers and diggers made of wood and bones is precisely evidenced in terms of quality and quantity delivering a lot of interesting and reliable data.

Settlement is raised during the summer months by volunteers belonging to Dziejba Association - students of Cracow’s colleges
(UJ, AGH, AP, KSW), students of local high schools and doctoral students interested in project, and also students and high school students coming from other parts of Poland.